New European Parliament (2024-2029)



A newly formed European Parliament, is emerging from the EU of June 2024 across the member states. 720 Members of the Parliament were elected by the European citizens. As the legislative powerhouse of the European Union, the Parliament and its Members will hold a pivotal role in shaping policies and making legislation that transcend borders, on a variety of issues ranging from climate action to economic strength in order to address the pressing global geopolitical challenges.

The new legislature will officially start on Tuesday 16 July 2024. On that day, newly elected MEPs will meet in Parliament’s seat in Strasbourg until Friday 19 July to elect their President, 14 Vice-Presidents and five Quaestors, as established through rules 16, 17, and 18 of the EP Rules of Procedure.

MEPs will also vote on the numerical composition of Parliament’s standing committees and subcommittees, based on a proposal from the Conference of Presidents (CoP). The decision on which MEPs go to each committee is taken by the political groups and the non-attached members (rules 212 and 216 of the Rules of Procedure). This is expected to be announced to plenary during the July session.

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