Infoclip: Modern Agriculture - Crops


This infoclip provides illustrative images of a wide range of agricultural activities in various EU member states. In northern Italy, a farm produces organic rice in a nature area and the goal is to let the nature do its job. This biodiversity brings lots of different kind of birds, plants, insect, and fishes. The farm also built an organic digester to create their own biogas used as fertilizers in the fields. In Sweden, a farm produces fertilizers and bio fuel for tractors and trucks. In Ireland, a farmer produces winter barley, wheat and oats. He uses new technologies to manage the spreading of fertilizers in his fields. In Czech Republic, a farm produces hops on about 42 hectares. In Spain, the research center Cicytex provides services of high added value to companies in the sector of Agro-Food Technology. The Community of irrigators Genil –Cabra have participated in an EU-funded Research programme on sustainable use of irrigation water in the Mediterranean region.

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