European Council, 26-27 october 2023

European Council, 26-27 october 2023

European Council - Roundtable


European Council - Roundtable


Over the course of a two-day summit, EU leaders discussed the unfolding situation in the Middle East, continued support for Ukraine in the face of Russia’s war of aggression, the EU’s long-term budget, the economy, migration and external relations. 

In light of Hamas’ brutal and indiscriminate terrorist attack against Israel and the unfolding tragic scenes in the Gaza Strip resulting from the siege, EU leaders will continue to discuss the latest developments in the region, including effective and urgent delivery of humanitarian aid to those most in need and how to engage with partners to avoid a dangerous regional escalation of the conflict. 

The European Council addressed also the latest developments in Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine and continued EU support for Ukraine, including financial, military and humanitarian support. The EU stands firmly with Ukraine and its people, and will continue to strongly support Ukraine for as long as it takes. So far, the EU and its member states have provided over €82 billion to Ukraine.

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