EU - Israel

EU - Israel



Israel is a key and strategic ally of the European Union. Political, economic and social cooperation - as well as trade, cultural and scientific exchanges - with Israel date almost to the origins of the EU itself. 

President of the EP Roberta Metsola reacted to the attacks launched by Hamas on Israel during the first weekend of October by stressing that the EP condemned  the terror and violence waged against innocent people.

In the statement by MEPs David McAllister and Antonio López-Istúriz White declared:

“We follow with utmost concern the news of terrible violence in Israel. We strongly condemn the heinous attack launched against Israel by Hamas terrorists on this Sabbath morning. We affirm the right of Israel to defend itself, and express our solidarity with Israel in these difficult moments.

We must not let opponents of peace ruin the chances of reconciliation and peaceful co-existence in Israel and Palestine. We call on all partners for peace to be present and active in order to bring the peace process back on track.”

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