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EP LIBE and AFCO delegations to Poland, Warsaw: roundtable and statements by NGO representatives


An EP delegation from the Civil Liberties and Constitutional Affairs committees travel to Warsaw to look into the rule of law situation in Poland, in the framework of the ongoing Article 7 procedure. MEPs meet with Representatives of the parliamentary groups of the Sejm. Statements by Paulina Kieszkowska-Knapik, Member of the PProf. Zbigniew Holda Association, Michal Wawrykiewicz, Representative of Wolne Sady / Free court initiative, Urszula Grycuk, International Advocacy Coordinator, Federation for Women and Familly planning, Marta Lempart, Leader of Ogolnopolski Strajk Kobiet/Women's Strike, Jakub Sypiański, Representative of Grupa Granica, Tomasz Pietrzak, Representative fundacja Ocalenie, Legal Team Coordinator Centrum Pomocy Cudzoziemco/Help Centre fo Foreigners and Erwa Wrzosek, Prosecutor.

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