EU Budget 2023



During November plenary MEPs approved the deal on next year’s EU budget that addresses the fallout from the Ukraine war and the pandemic recovery process more effectively. The proposal prioritise recovery, health, youth and climate action.

MEPs wanted the 2023 EU budget to be a “future-oriented budget that matches the Union’s political priorities of ensuring a stronger Health Union, making a success of the green and digital transitions, and fostering a fair, inclusive, sustainable and resilient recovery, including increased support for small and medium-sized enterprises. Next year’s budget should also invest in promoting the rule of law, EU values, and fundamental rights and their application, as well as contribute to greater opportunities for all, most notably young people, and ensure a stronger Union as a foreign policy actor".

Parliament fought for and obtained better support - over €1 billion on top of the Commission’s original proposal - for tackling the consequences of the war in Ukraine, energy, climate and the recovery from the pandemic in the 2023 EU budget. The preliminary figures are €186.6 billion in commitment appropriations and €168.7 billion in payment appropriations.


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