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Memoclip: Retrospective on Robert Schuman from 1947 to 1963

Pasākuma datums: 01/01/1965

Materiāla izmantošanas iespējas

This stockshot gives a portrait of Robert Schuman. Originating from Lorraine, former President of the French Council, former French Minister for Foreign Affairs, first and President of Honour of the European Parliament. The three European Communities owe him their existence. The famous declaration of the 9th of May 1950, materialized an idea of Jean Monnet, the project known as the Schuman Plan, and that became the European Atomic Energy Community (EAEC). New conception of the relations between European nations, establishing independent institutions allocated with its own powers. This fervent French patriot dedicated his life to two tasks: European construction and Franco-German reconciliation, its precondition.