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How to increase the capacity of COVID 19 vaccine production and improve delivery: extracts from the Joint ENVI-ITRE hearing


Members of the Public Health (ENVI) and Industry (ITRE) committees debate how to increase capacity and improve delivery of COVID-19 vaccines with pharmaceutical companies (AstraZeneca, Moderna, CureVac, Novavax, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer Group and Sanofi Pasteur) and Commissioners Thierry Breton and Stella Kyriakides. Statements of MEPs : CANFIN Pascal (Renew, FR), BUŞOI Cristian-Silviu (EPP, RO), GUTELAND Jytte (S&D, SE), BALDASSARRE Simona (ID, IT). Statements of CEOs of pharmaceutical companies : SORIOT Pascal, CEO AstraZeneca, BANCEL Stéphane, CEO Moderna, HAAS Franz-Werner, CEO Curevac, ERCK Stan, CEO Novavax, HWANG Angela, CEO Pfizer, STOFFELS Paul, CEO Johnson & Johnson, TRIOMPHE Thomas, CEO Sanofi.

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Date de l'événement25/02/2021
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