State of the European Union 2022

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Every year in September, the President of the European Commission delivers the State of the European Union (SOTEU) address before the European Parliament, taking stock of the past year and presenting priorities for the year ahead. 

Ursula von der Leyen outlined the impact of the Commission’s work and its upcoming plans, particularly regarding EU solidarity with Ukraine, sanctions on Russia, the measures to ensure the EU’s energy supply and curb its dependence on Russian fossil fuels, and the current energy price spikes. 

MEPs assess in their responses the Commission’s work and its plans for the year ahead, alongside presenting their own views and proposals. The annual State of the Union debate allows MEPs to scrutinise the European Commission’s results and priorities and contribute to setting the EU’s policy direction.

The State of the European Union debate is a key moment that demonstrates the European Commission’s accountability towards the EU’s democratically elected representatives and fosters a more transparent and democratic Union.

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