Rule of law in Hungary

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Infoclip: Rule of law - Hungary


The EU institutions deem the transparency and quality of the Hungarian legislative system a source of concern. In several Rule of Law reports, the European Commission highlighted the worsening situation in the country. It was noted that, among other issues, the risks posed to media pluralism and the pressure faced by those civil society organisations critical of the government.

MEPs have repeatedly expressed concerns over the state of EU values in Hungary, which have further deteriorated due to the “deliberate and systematic efforts of the government” and despite Parliament’s activation of the Article 7 mechanism.

Their latest concerns relate to laws being adopted without sufficient parliamentary scrutiny and public consultation, as well as the abusive invocation of the ‘state of danger’, the misuse of whistleblower protection to undermine LGBTIQ+ rights and freedom of expression, and the infringement of teachers’ social and labour rights.

Parliament underlined the important role the Presidency of the Council has in driving forward legislation, ensuring the continuity of the EU agenda and representing the Council in relations with the other institutions. It questions how Hungary will be able to fulfil this task credibly in 2024, given its lack of compliance with EU law and values, and the principle of sincere cooperation.

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