Consequences of the war in Ukraine on the EU

2024-05-21T11:04:00.000ZMis à jour


On 24 February 2022, Russia began a military invasion of Ukraine, in a major escalation of the conflict that had begun in 2014. Shortly before, on 21 February, Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized the two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine as independent. 

The Russian aggression has brought destruction to Ukraine and its people, but also a wide range of economic and social consequences across Europe and the European Union. MEPs regularly debate on how to respond to the current cost of living crisis, bolstered by inflation and hikes in energy prices.

In the annual  2022 report on the implementation of the Common Security and Defence Policy, MEPs called the EU and its member states need to increase their military, political and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and strengthen their defence in countering Russian threats to European security.

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