European Parliament of persons with disabilities: extracts and atmosphere


The 5th European Parliament of Persons with Disabilities (EPPD) 2023 is a one-day event that unites over 600 disability advocates, policymakers and other stakeholders. It serves as a platform to discuss the rights of persons with disabilities and decide on the political demands of the European Disability Movement. Roberta METSOLA, EP President and Ioannis VARDAKASTANIS, President of the European Disability Forum (EDF) open the event. Extracts and atmosphere shots. In view of the upcoming European elections in 2024, the delegates of the 5th European Parliament of Persons with Disabilities will adopt the Manifesto with the aim of guiding the political programmes of candidates for the European Parliament, the future European Commission appointed after the elections, and all the relevant policies affecting the future of persons with disabilities in Europe and beyond.

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