Food security



The EU strategy related to food security aims to build resilience to food crises in the production chain. The EU is working towards increasing the resilience of individuals, communities and countries to cope with, adapt and recover quickly from the impact of a disaster, violence or conflict.

The EP has recently called for an urgent EU action plan to ensure food security in and outside the EU following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. MEPs asked for immediate help in the form of food supplies for Ukraine, and for a reboot of the EU’s food production strategy. Given the severe impact the Russian attack on Ukraine will have on food security for Ukrainians, Parliament called for robust long-term humanitarian food aid for Ukraine from both the EU and at the international level. MEPs say the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine have made it apparent that the EU needs to reduce its dependence on imports from too few suppliers. They call for a diversification of supply from third countries, and demand in the short term that the Commission assess how to cushion the impact of high fertiliser prices on farmers. To reduce the dependence on fertiliser imports in the long term, Parliament proposes a switch to alternative organic sources of nutrients for agriculture and support for agricultural innovation.


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