EU - UK relations (2020)



This package contains the events of 2020. For latest events, see related links.

The UK leaving the EU is not the end of cooperation. Discussions start to determine how the two will work together. Based on the European Commission’s draft negotiating directives, which were presented by EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier on Monday 3 February, the resolution will provide the Parliament’s initial input to the upcoming negotiations with the British government on a new partnership after Brexit.

The transition period starting on 1 February is set to expire at the end of December 2020. Any agreement on the future EU-UK relationship will have to be fully concluded before that point if it is to come into force on 1 January 2021. The transition period can be extended once for one to two years, but the decision to do so must be taken by the EU-UK Joint Committee before 1 July 2020. Parliament will have to approve any future relationship agreement. If such an agreement refers to competences that the EU shares with member states, then national parliaments will also need to ratify it.

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