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EU - US Trade relations

Event date: 06/02/2020

EU - US Trade relations

The European Union and the United States have the largest bilateral trade and investment relationship and enjoy the most integrated economic relationship in the world. EU and US investments are the real driver of the transatlantic relationship, contributing to growth and jobs on both sides of the Atlantic.

Although overtaken by China in 2021 as the largest EU import source for goods, the US remains the EU’s largest trade and investment partner by far. It is estimated that a third of the trade across the Atlantic actually consists of intra-company transfers.

The transatlantic relationship also defines the shape of the global economy as a whole. Either the EU or the US is the largest trade and investment partner for almost all other countries in the global economy. Taken together, the economies of both territories amount to more than 40% of world GDP and more than 40% of global trade in goods and services.

In June 2021 both entities agreed  to take decisive steps to end the longest running dispute in the history of the World trade organisation: dispute on Large Civil Aircraft (also known as Airbus-Boeing dispute).

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Members of the EP Committee on Agriculture (AGRI) decided to invite the newly appointed US Agriculture Secretary Tom VILSACK for an exchange on the future of trans-Atlantic relations on agriculture and food production, in the European Parliament in Brussels.

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