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In December 2020 the European Commission proposed a new cybersecurity strategy that should bolster Europe´s resilience against cyber threats. In a resolution adopted by the EP in June 2021 MEPs called for tighter EU cybersecurity standards for connected devices, apps and operating systems, amid recent cyberattacks on critical infrastructure in the EU. The resolution called for connected products and associated services, including supply chains, to be made secure-by-design, resilient to cyber incidents, and quickly patched if vulnerabilities are discovered. MEPs warned that hybrid threats, i.e. methods or activities used by hostile state or non-state actors to target democratic states and institutions, are increasing and are becoming more sophisticated. Also the COVID19 crisis has again exposed the cyber vulnerabilities of some critical sectors, in particular healthcare, while teleworking and social distance has increased our dependency on digital technologies and connectivity. In its report adopted in July, the Foreign Affairs Committee stressed that EU member states must cooperate more closely on cyber defensive capabilities and operations. MEPs insisted, for example, on joint responses to cyberattacks, like the sanctions the EU can impose on state-backed hacking groups.

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