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Henri FRENAY, Paul REYNAUD and François de MENTHON, examining and ratifying the blueprint for an European Constitution in Strasbourg

Datum der Veranstaltung: 07/01/1953

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Blueprint of European Constitution examined at Strasbourg by the members of the Ad Hoc Assembly - Henri FRENAY, former French Minister and President of the European Federalist Union, Paul REYNAUD, member of the Ad Hoc Assembly, as François de MENTHON, also President of the Council of Europe Assembly - European political integration was brought a step forward when the Assembly for an European Political Community (otherwise known as Ad Hoc Assembly) of the six-power European Coal and Steel Community met at Strasbourg on 7 January 1953 to examine and ratify the blueprint for an European Constitution. The draft was prepared by the Assembly's Constitutional Committee, presided over by Heinrich von BRENTANO of Germany, which met in Paris 23-28 October 1952. It was based on a report presented by professor Fernand DEHOUSSE of Belgium. The final version of the draft constitution would be ready by 10 March 1953 and would come into effect after ratification by the six national parliaments of the Schuman Plan member countries: France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

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