Final trilogue on EU Resettlement Framework: arrivals, roundtable and statement by Malin BJÖRK (The Left, SE), Rapporteur


According to the report member states should provide resettled persons with a long-lasting solution, first and foremost by granting refugee or subsidiary protection status. Member States may issue permanent residence permits. The report also calls on Member States to increase resettlement efforts and the number of resettlement places in order to shoulder a fair share of global responsibility. The EU should take on at least 20% of the annual projected global resettlement needs, as defined by UNHCR, which would equate to around 250 000 people in 2017. Furthermore, resettlement should not be used for other foreign policy objectives, or depend on third countries' cooperation on other migration-related matters, as proposed by the European Commission. Instead, resettlement should be a humanitarian programme and the EU resettlement framework should be based on the annual global projected