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Reopening of the prosecution against Andrej BABIS, Czech Prime Minister, on the misuse of EU funds and potential conflicts of interest: extracts from the debate

Datum prireditve: 15/01/2020

Možnosti prenosa

During the plenary session (13-16 January 2020) of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, MEPs expect the Commission to update Parliament on the ongoing EU investigations into the Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš’ conflict of interest and on future measures to protect the EU’s financial interests. Statements by Virginijus SINKEVICIUS, European Commissioner for Environment, Tomáš ZDECHOVSKÝ (EPP, CZ), Lara WOLTERS (S&D, NL), Dita CHARANZOVÁ (RE, CZ), Viola VON CRAMON-TAUBADEL (Greens/EFA, DE) and Mikuláš PEKSA (Greens/EFA, CZ).

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