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Inquiry into emission measurements in the automotive sector: extracts from the vote on the report by Jens GIESEKE (EPP, DE) and Gerben-Jan GERBRANDY (ALDE, NL) and illustrative shots

Datum prireditve: 04/04/2017

Možnosti prenosa

During the EP plenary session (3-6 April 2017) in Strasbourg, MEPs vote on recommendations to the EU Commission and member states on how to remedy flaws in checks on car manufacturers and close legal loopholes to prevent further cheating in emissions tests, while also properly enforcing laws to protect air quality. Mairead McGuinness opens the vote. Vote on the resolution as a whole by raise of hands, which is adopted.Illustrative shots of CO2 emission test, of driving in a motorway, traffic in the city (Brussels), biker and pedestrian with a protecting mask and traffic in a big axe (city of Brussels).

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