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Hearings of Mairead McGUINNESS and Valdis DOMBROVSKIS: extracts from the hearings (02/10) and results of the votes

Datum prireditve: 07/10/2020

Možnosti prenosa

Following the hearings of Mairead McGUINNESS, Commissioner-designate, Financial Services, Financial Stability and the Capital Markets Union and Valdis DOMBROVSKIS, Executive Vice-President designate, An Economy that Works for People, MEPs voted today on their appointment during the plenary session (5-8 October 2020) of the European Parliament in Brussels. They were both approved by a large majority: Valdis DOMBROVSKIS (voters: 695; in favour 515; against 110; abstentions 70). Mairead McGuiness (voters: 695; in favour 583; against 75; abstentions 37).