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EU - North Macedonia

Datum prireditve: 06/05/2021

EU - North Macedonia

North Macedonia submitted its membership application in 2004 and became a candidate for accession to the EU in 2005. The Council decided to open accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia on 25 March 2020, following the Commission's proposals on a revised enlargement methodology.

North Macedonia is currently on its way to becoming the 30th member of NATO and hopes for a swift ratification of the NATO Accession Protocol by all partners; it reiterates its belief in the positive impact that the accession of North Macedonia to NATO will have for peace and stability in the region; underlines that the accession of North Macedonia to NATO is an encouraging sign of improved climate in the region.

Zgodovina novic

David SASSOLI, EP President meets with Zoran ZAEV, Prime Minister of North Macedonia, in the European Parliament in Brussels.

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