RO „La răscruce între est și vest” – o poveste despre setea de libertate în regimul opresiv comunist


I live at the crossroads of East and West My childhood and teenage years were spent under communism, and my youth and adult years under democracy. What will the future bring us? On our My House of European History platform, we invite people from all over Europe to share their personal stories. Magdalena’s story is one of great changes in Europe, the peaceful end of communism and the transition from captivity to freedom. It is a call for freedom and democracy; a rallying cry for strong women in European society. [Acest podcast conține un fragment din discursul lui Wojciech Jaruzelski din data de 13 decembrie 1981. © Drepturi de autor Telewizja Polska S.A. – TVP. Toate drepturile rezervate.]