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60th anniversary of the European Parliament

Datum prireditve: 12/02/2018

60th anniversary of the European Parliament

Have a look a look back at the first constituent meeting of the European Parliament held in Strasbourg on 19 March 1958.


The European Parliament of 2008 has wide decision-making powers on legislation, the budget and control and scrutiny of the European Commission. In fact, the European Parliament is unique in the world. There is no other directly elected supra-national parliament with such wide-ranging power.

Once and if the Lisbon Treaty was ratified, the European Parliament, following the elections in June 2009, was composed of 751 MEPs with its powers once more enlarged.

Zgodovina novic

Deputati, designati dai parlamenti nazionali, svolgono un ruolo esclusivamente consultivo.

Pokaži samo povezane medije

The treaty set up the European Economic Community (EEC) and the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom).

Pokaži samo povezane medije

Uporaba piškotkov na spletišču Evropskega parlamenta

Stran uporablja piškotke. S sprejetjem piškotkov boste pri brskanju deležni optimalne uporabniške izkušnje.