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#EUelections2019 - Clean energy and energy efficiency

Datum prireditve: 17/04/2019

#EUelections2019 - Clean energy and energy efficiency

By making energy more efficient, Europeans will see their energy bills reduced. In addition, Europe will diminish its reliance on external suppliers of oil and gas, improve local air quality and protect the climate.

By 2030, energy efficiency in the EU must have improved by 32.5%, whereas the share of energy from renewables should make up at least 32% of the EU’s gross final consumption. Both targets are to be reviewed by 2023. These targets can only be raised, not lowered. Lower energy bills and the right to become a renewable self-consumer will be the result.

Zgodovina novic

During a meeting of the EP Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI), in Brussels, MEPs vote on the strategy for long-term EU greenhouse gas emissions reduction in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

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During the EP plenary session (12-15/11/18) in Strasbourg, MEPs debate on fighting climate change. New ambitious binding 2030 targets for renewables (32%) and energy efficiency (32.5%).

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