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Situation in Venezuela: extracts from the vote and extracts from the debate (30/01) - illustrative shots from Caracas

Dátum udalosti: 31/01/2019

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MEPs debated (30/01) the situation in Venezuela during the plenary session (30-31 january 2019) in Brussels. The debate was wound up with a resolution, voted today, recognizing Juan Guaidó as the only legitimate President of the country. Statements by Esteban GONZÁLEZ PONS (EPP, ES) and Ramón JÁUREGUI ATONDO (S&D, ES). Illustrative shots of Caracas © The Associated Press. The material is offered for the purpose of providing information and/or education on the European Union until 05/12/2022. The assignment to a third part is not allowed. For any other uses contact AP –