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Fight against disinformation (2019 - 2020)

Data evenimentului: 11/06/2020

Fight against disinformation (2019 - 2020)

Disinformation campaigns are a threat to the proper functioning of democracies. The Parliament is committed to ensuring people are able to access reliable information.

Elements of disinformation and propaganda are that such information (i) is designed to be wholly or partly false, manipulated or misleading, or uses unethical persuasion techniques; (ii) regards an issue of public interest; (iii) has the intention to generate insecurity, hostility or polarisation, or attempts to disrupt democratic processes; (iv) and is disseminated and/or amplified through automated and aggressive techniques, such as social bots, artificial intelligence (AI), micro-targeting or paid human 'trolls’, often used to boost public visibility.

Istoric știri

During the plenary session (17-19 June 2020) in Brussels, MEPs discuss how to tackle Covid-19 disinformation and the impact on freedom of expression.

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