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Car emissions - 8th parliamentary term

Data evenimentului: 19/12/2017

Car emissions - 8th parliamentary term

Volkswagen, the German car manufacturer, has acknowledged that many millions of its cars sold worldwide have been specially equipped to trick emission tests, so as to appear less polluting.

Long before VW’s emissions test-cheating software was revealed, MEPs repeatedly urged that car emissions testing should take account of real-world driving conditions, so as to end obvious discrepancies between official and real consumption and emissions figures.

Istoric știri

In plenary session, in Strasbourg, MEPs discuss CO2 emission performance standards for new heavy duty vehicles.

MEPs debate on cutting carbon dioxide emissions from new cars and boosting the market share of zero - and low- emission vehicles.

MEPs debate on new “type approval” rules to guarantee that cars on the road are clean and safe.

MEPs debate and vote on recommendations to the EU Commission and Member States on how to remedy flaws in checks on car manufacturers and close legal loopholes to prevent further cheating in emissions tests, while also properly enforcing laws to protect air quality.

EMIS committee vote its final inquiry report during its final meeting, on 28 February 2017, as well as a draft European Parliament recommendation arising from the inquiry. The two texts will be submitted to the Plenary for debate, and for the vote on the recommendation, at the first Plenary part-session of April

Parliament's Emission Measurements in the Automotive Sector (EMIS) inquiry committee holds its first meeting to elect its chair and vice-chairs. EMIS investigates car makers' breaches of rules on emission tests as well as alleged failures by the European Commission and member states to enforce EU standards.

A resolution on improving exhaust emission tests in the car industry and on lessons to be learned from the recent VW scandal are up for a vote on Tuesday, following a debate with Commissioner Bieńkowska on 6 October.EP has repeatedly urged the Commission to tighten up test protocols in order to reflect car emissions in real-world driving conditions.