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Special Committee on the COVID-19 pandemic: lessons learned and recommendations for the future (COVI): atmosphere shots of the constitutive meeting and statement


The Special Committee on the COVID-19 pandemic will holds its constitutive meeting.The new special committee focusing on the COVID-19 pandemic, composed of 38 members. The special committee has been tasked with looking into how the European response to the pandemic and the lessons learned can contribute to future action in the following areas: health; a coordinated approach with respect for democracy and fundamental rights; societal and economic impact; and EU and the World. The special committee will have twelve months to compile its recommendations. Elections of the Special Committee (COVI), Kathleen VAN BREMPT, as Chair of COVI (S&D), GLÜCK, Andreas (rRenew), as Vice-chair of COVI, KOPACZ, Ewa, (PPE) as Vice-chair of COVI, RIVASI, Michèle, (Greens), as chair of COVI, KARSKI, Karol, (ECR) as Vice-chair of COVI

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