Fight against corruption



The alleged attempts to influence MEPs unveiled loopholes in Parliament’s internal rules, alongside other issues, says Special Committee on Foreign Interference. Interference attempts are a “widespread phenomenon that must be countered as vigorously as possible”, warn MEPs, expressing their “deep shock and condemnation of the allegations of corruption, money laundering and participation in a criminal organisation” by three MEPs, one former MEP and one parliamentary assistant.

The committee has identified “numerous loopholes in Parliament’s integrity and transparency rules” and calls for President Metsola’s 14-point proposal to reform Parliament’s rules to be put into concrete actions as soon as possible.

MEPs demand also that compliance with the six-month cooling-off period for former MEPs should be monitored by the new EU ethics body. Parliament should introduce a monitoring system and rules for revoking access for former MEPs who lobby on behalf of high-risk countries beyond the cooling-off period.

Parliament has also reacted to corruption allegations  with immediate changes and demands for measures to close loopholes in existing transparency rules. In  December 2022, Parliament adopted a resolution on the suspicions of corruption by Qatar and the broader need for more transparency in the EU institutions.

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