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Infoclip: The democratic opposition in Belarus – Sakharov Prize Laureate 2020

Data do evento: 22/10/2020

Opções de descarregamento

The European Parliament’s conference of Presidents selected the democratic opposition in Belarus as laureate of the Sakharov Prize 2020. This Infoclip illustrates the main opposition candidate Svetlana Tsikhanouskaya casting her vote for the Belarusian presidential election (09/08/2020), thousands of demonstrators gathered on Independence Square in central Minsk, Belarus, waving the red-and-white flags of the opposition and calling on President Alexander Lukashenko to resign (18/08/2020), the Police in Belarus arresting protesters in the centre of the capital Minsk ahead of a mass demonstration (13/09/2020). - The footage are ©AFP. The material is offered for the purpose of providing information and/or education on the Sakharov Prize 2020 until 22/10/2021. The assignment to a third part is not allowed. For any other uses contact AFP –