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Erasmus + (2019-2020)

Erasmus + (2019-2020)



Erasmus+ is the EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Merging seven prior programmes, it offers opportunities not only for students, but also for a wide variety of individuals and organisations, helping them develop, share knowledge and have a life-changing experience at institutions and organisations in different countries.

In 2018, Parliament once again stressed the importance of inclusion in the Erasmus+ programme and asked the Commission to draw up a framework by 31 March 2021, along with a set of inclusion measures and guidelines for their implementation.

In late 2019, Parliament approved an amending budget for that same year’s EU budget in order to reinforcecore mobility activities, which are central to the development of a European education area. The amendment increased commitment appropriations for Erasmus+ to support mobility in higher education, and vocational education and training. However, Parliament also pointed out that this will need to be matched by increased payment appropriations.

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