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EPRS - What could be the future of democracy?

Datum evenement: 01/09/2020


Public authorities are currently facing extraordinary challenges, including managing an unprecedented public health crisis, restoring economic growth without damaging the environment, combating inequality, securing peace, and many more. In the coming decades will have to confront another dilemma that is fast becoming a clear and present challenge: whether and how to actively preserve and protect the current structures of democratic governance, in spite of the widespread perception of their shortcomings, and /or to adapt them to fast-changing scenarios (and in doing so, run the risk of further weakening democracy). The tension between these tendencies raises a number of key questions, to which policy-makers and analysts need to find answers. What is driving this transformation of democratic systems? Should new, hybrid forms of democratic participation replace classic democratic structures? Restrictions: ©The material may not be edited and must be shown entirely.