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Datum evenement: 23/03/2020


The refugee and migrant crisis in Europe has exposed the need for reform of the Common European Asylum System, in general, and of the Dublin rules, in particular.

The right to asylum is a fundamental right and recognising the refugee status  where the criteria are fulfilled  is  an  international  obligation.
In the EU,  an  area  of  open  borders  and  freedom  of  movement,  Member  States  need  to  have  a  joint  approach  to  guarantee  high  standards    to  persons  in  need  of  international  protection  through  establishment of a Common European Asylum System based on fundamental rights.
The  European  Parliament  always  strongly  promoted  a  Common  European  Asylum  System  in  accordance with the Union’s legal commitments. The Parliament worked as well as  for the reduction of illegal migration as well as for the protection of vulnerable groups. ​​​​​​​

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