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Union’s authorisation procedure for pesticides: extracts from the debate (14/01), from the vote and illustrative footage


During the plenary session (14-17 January 2019) of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, MEPs debate and vote on plans to boost trust in the EU approval procedure for pesticides, by making it more transparent and accountable. The report from the special committee on pesticides says that the public should be granted access to the studies used in the authorisation procedure, including all the supporting data and information relating to the applications. Statements by Norbert LINS (EPP, DE) and Bart STAES (Greens/EFA, BE), rapporteurs. The results are: 526 in favour, 66 against 0 and 72 abstentions. Illustration footage: spinach field, filling of a tank with pesticide product, waste collecting point at a farmers barn, storage and distribution point of pesticides, Belgium.

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