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Artificial intelligence: extracts from the final vote and statements by the rapporteurs


During the plenary session (19-23 October 2020) of the European Parliament in Brussels, MEPs voted on their vision of how the EU can best regulate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what AI rules are needed on ethics, liability and intellectual property rights, so that the EU can become a global leader in its development. MEPs adopted proposals on several guiding principles that must be taken into account by future laws including a human-centric, human-made and human-controlled AI; safety, transparency and accountability; safeguards against bias and discrimination; right to redress; social and environmental responsibility, and respect for fundamental rights. Statements by the rapporteurs Axel VOSS (EPP, DE), Ibán GARCIA DEL BLANCO (S&D, ES), Stéphane SÉJOURNÉ (RE, FR), views of the annoucement of the results of the votes and illustrative footage on examples of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in everyday Life.

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