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#EUelections2019 - Work-life balance

Data tal-avveniment: 24/04/2019

#EUelections2019 - Work-life balance

The European Parliament has adopted new rules to allow parents and carers to better reconcile their work and family lives.

The new rules for a better work-life balance, adopted on 4 April 2019, aim to increase the employment rate for women, create incentives for fathers to take family-related leave, and promote gender equality and equal opportunities. Parliament and Council agree on measures to reconcile career and private life:

- Ten working days paternity leave, paid at not less than the level of sick pay

- Two months of non-transferable paid parental leave

- Five days of annual carers’ leave

- Flexible working patterns, including remote working.

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During the plenary session (3-4 April 2019) in the European Parliament in Brussels, MEPs debate the work-life balance for parents and carers.

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