Exhibition on Jean Monnet House: creating a home for Europe



A founding father of the European Union, Jean Monnet (1888-1979) dedicated his life to bringing Europeans together and establishing unity and peace in Europe and across the world. His vision for a united Europe, a vision that would change this continent for ever, was created here in his unassuming home on the outskirts of Paris. Over the years, dignitaries and leaders from across the world met with Monnet at Houjarray to discuss the future of Europe. After witnessing the horrors of the Second World War, it is here that Monnet worked to bring European countries together and create a strong, unified Europe. This led to France and Germany combining their steel and coal production under a common authority, ensuring war could never again break out between the two countries and paving the way for the European Union we recognise today. And it all began here - at Houjarray, the home for Europe

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