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Dual quality of products - 8th parliamentary term

Pasākuma datums: 05/07/2018

Dual quality of products - 8th parliamentary term

Recent tests on branded food in three 'new' EU Member States have shown that the taste and composition of these products, sold under the same name and in the same packaging, sometimes differ from the 'same' products sold in neighbouring 'old' Member States.

Companies are known to change the composition of their branded products to adjust to local taste, local ingredients, divergent purchasing power, etc. EU legislation does not consider this to be misleading, as long as the products are safe, properly labelled and not falsely advertised as being identical to those sold in another Member State.

Ziņu vēsture

MEPs debate on the same composition across the EU of a product sold under the same brand and packaging

During a meeting in the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committe, MEPs vote on Dual quality of products in the Single Market. The Rapporteur has proposed 22 compromise amendments.