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Common agricultural policy

Pasākuma datums: 06/04/2020

Common agricultural policy

The common agricultural policy (CAP) is one of the oldest common policies in the EU. Its significance is reflected in the proportion of the EU's budget devoted to it, representing approximately 40 % of the total. Developed at a time when Europe was unable to meet most of its own food needs, it was necessary to encourage farmers to produce food by means of guaranteed prices. The policy has undergone regular reform and has evolved over the years.

As part of the preparation of the EU budget for 2021-2027, the European Commission put forward a new set of regulations to shape the future CAP on 1 June 2018. The proposal for a regulation on the financing, management and monitoring of the CAP provides the legislative framework for adapting the financing, management and monitoring rules to a new CAP delivery model.


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Paolo DE CASTRO (S&D, IT), rapporteur, speaks to the press on the recovery aid for EU farmers and food producers in the European Parliament in Brussels.

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MEPs debate and vote on plans to make EU farm policy more sustainable, resilient and flexible so that it can continue to deliver food security across the EU

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