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Working conditions

Renginio data: 14/01/2021

Working conditions

EU wants to improve workers’ rights and working conditions across Europe, from working hours and parental leave to health and safety at work.

The EU has put in place a set of labour rules to ensure strong social protection. They include minimum requirements on working conditions - such as working time, part-time work, workers’ rights - to information about important aspects of their employment and the posting of workers. They have become one of the cornerstones of Europe's social policies.

The coronavirus pandemic and the measures taken to curb its spread have had far-reaching and lasting consequences in different sectors of the economy, in the form of job and income losses or significantly modified working conditions. This briefing gives an overview of the host

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MEPs debate and vote on measures to combat inequality and tackle the growing problem of in-work poverty, in the European Parliament in Brussels.

MEPs debate on an EU law granting the right to disconnect digitally from work without facing consequences.