Clip: 25th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement - Reconciliation brought peace


European Parliament President Metsola, European Council President Michel and Commission President von der Leyen commemorate the signing of the 1998 Agreement during a ceremony. This clip broadcast during the event trace the history of the peace process in Northern Ireland. The GFA, also known as the Belfast Agreement, was signed on 10 April 1998 by the British and Irish governments, and confirmed by referendums in Ireland and Northern Ireland in May the same year. The agreement established devolved political power-sharing structures for the nationalist and unionist communities in Northern Ireland, and brought the 30-year period of violent conflict in Northern Ireland, known as The Troubles, to an end. Rights are only granted for the editorial coverage related to the Commemoration of the GFA organized by the European Parliament, no other use is authorized for the media and other institutions. This video may not be edited and must be shown in its entirety.

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