Annual Report on the financial activities of the European Investment Bank

Annual Report on the financial activities of the European Investment Bank


The European Investment Bank (EIB) furthers the objectives of the European Union by providing long-term project funding, guarantees and advice. It supports projects both within and outside the EU. Its shareholders are the Member States of the EU. The EIB is the majority shareholder in the European Investment Fund (EIF) and the two organisations together make up the EIB Group. Every year, a Parliament committee reviews the EIB’s activities and presents a report in plenary, to which the EIB President is invited. The EIB and the Commission have a number of reporting obligations towards Parliament, such as annual reports, ad hoc hearings and requests for information. Parliament was involved, as a co-legislator, in the adoption of the EFSI and InvestEU initiatives. In the context of the COVID 19- pandemic the Bank has supported the health sector and vaccine research as well as financing BioNTech, one of the vaccine makers. It has joined the EU-backed Team Europe effort to tackle the pandemic in the European Union’s neighbouring countries and in fragile states around the world. Together with the European Investment Fund the EIB has given support to hard-hit SMEs. Now the Bank is investing in a green and inclusive recovery in Europe and in developing countries (source EIB).

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