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EU Strategy for Plastics

Data dell'evento: 31/03/2020

EU Strategy for Plastics

Plastics are everywhere in our daily life: they are used in packaging, buildings, cars, electronics, agriculture and other sectors.
Plastics production is 20 times higher than in 1960s, and is forecast to almost quadruple by 2050. Although there are thousands of types of plastics, 90 % of plastics are derived from virgin fossil fuels. About 6 % of global oil consumption is used to produce plastics; by 2050, this share could reach 20 %.

In Europe, about 40 % of post-consumer plastic waste is incinerated with energy recovery, and the rest is either landfilled or recycled. About half of the plastic waste collected and recycled is treated in the European Union; the other half is exported, mainly to China.

​​​​​​​ See more on this topic by visiting our package for the 8th parliamentary term

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