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#EUelections2019 - Copyright

Data dell'evento: 15/04/2019

#EUelections2019 - Copyright

Creatives and news publishers will be empowered to negotiate with internet giants thanks to new copyright rules which also contain safeguards on freedom of expression.

In March 2019 MEPs adopted by 348 votes in favour, 274 against and 36 abstentions a new directive on Copyright. This marks the end of the legislative process for the European Parliament that began in 2016. The directive aims to ensure that the longstanding rights and obligations of copyright law also apply to the internet. YouTube, Facebook and Google News are some of the internet household names that will be most directly affected by this legislation. The directive also strives to ensure that the internet remains a space for freedom of expression.


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Vote on the provisional agreement resulting from interinsitutional negotiations on Copyright in the Digital Single Market during a meeting of the EP Committee on Legal Affairs

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Axel VOSS (EPP, DE), rapporteur speak to the press about the deal in trilogue on the copyright directive for the digital single market, in the EP in Strasbourg

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