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Eurobarometer surveys are the official polling instrument used by the European Parliament, the European Commission and other EU institutions and agencies to regularly monitor the state of public opinion in Europe on issues related to the European Union, as well as attitudes on subjects of political or social nature. The Eurobarometer provides quality and relevant data for experts in public opinion, researchers, media and the public. The Eurobarometer project was initiated in 1974 by the European Commission as a means to “reveal Europeans to themselves”. Since then, it has evolved and expanded significantly with different survey tools. In 2007, the European Parliament started its own regular series of Eurobarometer surveys, focussing on topics specific to the European Parliament, including the European elections.

The European Parliament’s spring 2022 Eurobarometer evidences a stronger public support for the EU. Almost two thirds (65%) of Europeans see EU membership as a good thing. This is the highest result since 2007, when it was at 58%. Also, 52% of Europeans today have a positive image of the EU, against 12% negative. 

Recent events have also shaped the image Europeans have of other major actors on the international scene. Russia is seen positively only by 10% of respondents, down from 30% in 2018. Most citizens perceive the war in Ukraine as fundamental change: 61% of Europeans are not confident that their life will continue unchanged. 


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