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20th anniversary of the euro

Esemény dátuma: 06/12/2018

20th anniversary of the euro

On 1 January 1999 a new currency comes into existence - the Euro. By the middle of 2002 it replaced most national currencies within the European Community, bringing about full Economic and Monetary Union.


The European Parliament is the body through which the ESCB and the ECB are democratically accountable; monitor and debate the development of economic and fiscal policy.

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On 1 January 1999, the Euro was launched. To commemorate 20 years of its existence, the plenary host a ceremony.

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European Ministers for Finance pre-announce bilateral parities between currencies of participating countries (for entry into force on 1 January 1999).

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The EP finalises and votes on its opinion on the proposed list of countries. The President of the Council and the Commission participate in the debate.

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