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Tobacco agreement: extracts from the debate (25/02) and the votes

Datum događanja: 09/03/2016

Način preuzimanja

Debate on Tobacco agreement during the EP plenary session of  the 25th of February in Brussels, followed by the vote on the resolution during the EP plenary session of the 9th of March in Strasbourg. Parliament will give its verdict on whether the EU’s anti-smuggling and anti-counterfeiting deals with the four largest tobacco firms should be renewed in a resolution to be voted at noon. MEPs are not satisfied with the Commission's assessment of the deal with Philip Morris International (PMI), which expires in July.The results were the following: 694 voted, 414 in favour, 214 against, 66 abstentions. As a result, Resolution RC8-0312/2016 was adopted.

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