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Special meeting of the European Council on Article 50: arrival of Antonio TAJANI, EP President and roundtable

Datum događanja: 25/11/2018

Način preuzimanja

Antonio TAJANI, EP President, participates in the special meeting of the European Council on Article 50, whose purpose is to endorse the Brexit withdrawal agreement. Members of the European Council held a summit in Brussels, to finalise the Brexit deal with British Prime Minister Theresa May. Mrs. May said the British cabinet had agreed on a withdrawal agreement where the UK will enter into an indefinite customs union with the EU. She explained that this would avoid a hard border in Northern Ireland by the end of the transition period in December 2020. Addressing members of the press at the summit, European Parliament President Antonio Tajani said this agreement was important for the European Parliament and was a good agreement for both the United Kingdom and Europe.

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