Sakharov Prize 2010: extracts from the ceremony of award to Guillermo FARINAS, Sakharov Prize Winner 2010

Datum događanja: 03/07/2013

Način preuzimanja

Ceremony award of the Sakharov Prize to Guillermo FARINAS, winner in 2010 during the formal sitting of the EP in Strasbourg. Arrival of Guillermo FARIÑAS, Sakharov Prize Winner 2010 and audience. Statements by Gianni PITTELLA (S&D, IT), Vice-President of the EP. Guillermo FARIÑAS receives the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought 2010 from Gianni PITTELLA, Vice-President of the EP. Statements by Guillermo FARIÑAS, Sakharov Prize Winner 2010. Ambiance shots with applause and congratulations.